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WordPress is great. However, like most things, it does need occasional maintenance and upgrades and it is essential that these are done regularly and securely.

I provide secure, regular and prompt website support services for clients with WordPress websites in Bristol and beyond.

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WordPress Website Support in Bristol

If you need WordPress website upgrades, security fixes, theme & plugin updates or general enhancements, I can help. I have a range of options to suit your needs.

One-off Support

If you only need support with a single task or whole list to cover in one go, I can help. This type of website support would be quoted on an individual basis prior to any work being carried out.

Flexible, pre-paid hours

My most popular option, the flexible pre-paid hours plan provides you with ultimate convenience. Purchase a block of 5, 10 or 20+ hours upfront and utilise the time as you see fit—whether it’s for minor tweaks or a complete site overhaul.

Monthly retainer

Designed for ongoing support, a monthly retainer plan establishes a set amount of days each month for dedicated website maintenance and assistance. From regular updates to emergency troubleshooting, this plan provides a consistent level of support to ensure your business can quickly action website tasks. I block out the time in my calendar so it is dedicated to you.

Emergency website support

If your website has been hacked, is showing an error or has gone down, you can get emergency support. Get in touch today and I’ll get back to you shortly. This is priced on a per-job basis and will get your site back up and running.

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