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Why I no longer build carbon-neutral websites

In the past I have gotten to a position where I think I am carbon neutral, however, low-carbon seems more appropriate.

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The Importance of Green Web Hosting and Sustainable Web Development

How to minimise the impact of your website through Sustainable Web Development

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Websites powered by the wind, sun and sea

Making carbon-free websites that run on 100% renewables

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Sustainable Web Design – what is it?

Sustainable web design is an important and growing field in the digital world.

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Krystal & Ecologi – Case Study

Green web hosting and ecological restoration in one article? Go on then.

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Planting trees while you shop

A browser extension that plants trees while you shop – without costing you a penny.

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Bitcoin energy consumption – larger than Sweden’s

Looking at the huge environmental impact of Bitcoin – and the simple way to reduce it by 99.9%.

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2021 – My Carbon Offsets, Donations and Volunteering

2021’s donations, offsets and volunteering – from Ecologi, Rob Greenfield & Avon Needs Trees.

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How your website can avert the insect apocalypse

How your website can help to boost biodiversity and halt the trend of declining insect numbers

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Environmental Podcasts

We all love a good podcast. I have added a list of my favourites covering climate change and the environment.

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Sustainable Web Development – Building low-carbon websites

How I use sustainable web design principles along with other strategies to make my websites as environmentally friendly as possible.

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