ecosia browser tool

Planting trees while you shop

When it comes to the various companies promising to plant trees these days, it’s fair to say that there’s room for some well-deserved scepticism.

Ecosia, as you may be aware, is an ethical search engine that plants trees with revenue it gathers from people searching the internet. They are an incredibly transparent company, publishing monthly reports about their revenues and which tree-planting projects they have contributed to.

With this in mind they have become a huge environmental company and, at the time of writing, have planted 154, 693, 050 trees around the world.

You probably know the cashback reward system. freetree works just like that except with freetree, instead of getting cash back, you get trees.

They have now also developed a browser extension that raises money to plant trees while you view a website. For a more detailed explainer, here is the video they produced:

So, hats off to Ecosia for helping to make the internet a better place.