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Recent web development projects

Cheesy picture of Bristol? Check.

Bristol is home to a vibrant and growing tech community, meaning plenty of opportunities for web development and web design projects. The city has a thriving digital economy, with many local businesses and startups in the tech industry. It is also the city I was raised in.

All of my recent projects have been custom-built using WordPress. Below are just a few examples of the diverse and innovative web development projects I have been working on, from music and arts venues to environmental organisations and charities.


Lakota is an independent nightclub that has been in business in Bristol for over 30 years. Last year they underwent a major rebrand and this website was a huge part of that. The site looks to celebrate the past, present and future of this iconic Bristol nightclub.

View my project summary of Lakota here.

Thread Studios

Thread Studios is an award-winning film studio in Bristol, making films about real human stories, often with life-changing consequences. They make films with a social impact and have a real appreciation for the world they live in. This project was a custom WordPress build to showcase their films.


Propyard is an events and exhibition space in Bristol. It is relatively new to the Bristol scene and displays art exhibitions, music gigs, beer festivals and has a range of food trucks. Propyard bills itself as “A former MOD torpedo testing factory has been transformed into an exhibition and events space already bringing world class art to Bristol. ” So that sums it up nicely!

View my project summary of Propyard here.

Avon Needs Trees

Avon Needs Trees (ANT) is a tree-planting and ecosystem restoration charity in Bristol. They purchase pieces of land and restore natural habitats and plant native trees, with over 20, 000 planted already. They have a growing band of volunteers that help with planting and maintaining the woodlands, helping to bring nature back to an area that has been deforested over the centuries. Therefore it was a pleasure to work with them to build this website and promote their amazing work.

View my project summary of Avon Needs Trees here.

Rob Greenfield

Rob Greenfield is an environmental campaigner who has devoted his life to to living sustainably and teaching others to do the same. He performs acts such as wearing all his trash, while living like a typical American, for a whole month and eating only what he could grow or forage for a whole year.

I continue to volunteer for Rob in the maintenance and upkeep of his website.

View my project summary of Rob Greenfield here.

Great Bustard Group

The Great Bustard Group (GBG) are a charity working just outside of Bristol to restore the great bustard, a bird that was once nearly extinct. Through their work the great bustard population is now growing. I built their website to showcase all the hard work that their staff and volunteers undertake on a daily basis to revive the population of this bird species.