I have an ongoing commitment to sustainability and I strive to go beyond carbon neutrality.

I work as a web developer in Bristol which has been ranked as the UK’s greenest city. And, considering that the internet’s carbon emissions are on a par with the aviation industry’s, there is plenty of work to do.

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My focus on sustainability

I continually analyse my environmental impact in order to keep reducing it and have a positive impact on the world. Utilising sustainable web design principles is one way to reduce a website’s impact, but I try to actively have a positive impact on the planet.

Sustainable Web Design

Through sustainable web design and development I can greatly reduce a website’s energy consumption. Methods include image compression, lazy loading and sustainable searches.

Renewable Energy

I use renewable energy to power my office in Bristol while I build websites. Then, once the site is finished, I use a green web hosting company so the website uses 100% renewables when in use.

Carbon Offsets

For any unavoidable emissions, I use carbon offsets to reduce their impact. I mainly do this through supporting projects with Gold Standard – the highest standard for carbon offsets and 3rd-party verified. I do this through Ecologi.

Volunteering and Donations

In addition to reducing and offsetting my actions, I volunteer with environmental charities and commit at least 1% of my annual sales income to environmental non-profits for tree planting and wildlife restoration.

Latest from the blog

My website is rated ‘A’ on the Website Carbon Rating System

After testing the new Website Carbon Rating System, I’m pleased to announce that my website achieved an A rating.

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A day of tree planting with Avon Needs Trees

Since building Avon Needs Trees’ website I have been meaning to volunteer for them, and this week I did just that.

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How much energy and CO2 my website saved in 2023

How much CO2e did my website save in 2023? Not that much, but…

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