I have an ongoing commitment to sustainability and I strive to go beyond carbon neutrality.

I work as a web developer in Bristol which has been ranked as the UK’s greenest city. And, considering that the internet’s carbon emissions are on a par with the aviation industry’s, there is plenty of work to do.

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My focus on sustainability

I continually analyse my environmental impact in order to keep reducing it and have a positive impact on the world. Utilising sustainable web design principles is one way to reduce a website’s impact, but I try to actively have a positive impact on the planet.

Sustainable Web Design

Through sustainable web design and development I can greatly reduce a website’s energy consumption. Methods include image compression, lazy loading and sustainable searches.

Renewable Energy

I use renewable energy to power my office in Bristol while I build websites. Then, once the site is finished, I use a green web hosting company so the website uses 100% renewables when in use.

Carbon Offsets

For any unavoidable emissions, I use carbon offsets to reduce their impact. I mainly do this through supporting projects with Gold Standard – the highest standard for carbon offsets and 3rd-party verified.

Volunteering and Donations

In addition to reducing and offsetting my actions, I volunteer with environmental charities and commit at least 1% of my annual sales income to environmental non-profits for tree planting and wildlife restoration.

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