Web Developer in Bristol

I am a Bristol freelance web developer with over 10 years’ experience, building responsive, clean WordPress websites.

WordPress is the market-leading CMS and I find WordPress a great platform to build websites with and, unlike some web developers, I build all my code from scratch.

This means that sites can develop over time and are easily updated and edited by users with no web development experience.

I can also offer technical advice on areas such as web hosting, domain names, SEO and analytics.

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How I can help

I have been a WordPress web developer in Bristol for a number of years, and before that I was a developer in London. I have designed and built a number of projects for charities, organisations and individuals and have expanded my knowledge along the way.

I can undertake all aspects of web development, detailed below.

Bespoke Web Development

As a web developer I try to make every project unique in order to tailor the website to the individual requirements of the project. Also, being a freelance web developer, I can offer better value for money than larger agencies.

My previous web development projects can be viewed here.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the market-leading CMS for web developers. Building sites using WordPress means that once completed, websites need minimal input from a web developer, thus reducing ongoing costs. WordPress is also fast, secure and reliable.

Bristol Web Developer

I am Bristol born and bred – now working in central Bristol at Temple 1852, next to Temple Meads station. I am proud to be part of a large community of independent businesses in the city including the Bristol Green Capital Partnership.

Websites that perform

As a web developer I have worked on SEO, website speed and security. Putting this into practice means that you can rank well on Google with a secure, fast website.

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