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Askonas Holt

This website was for a global arts management company, based in London. They promote classical musicians, tours and events across the world.

The CMS is a fully bespoke WordPress installation that allows the user to add content such as images, artists, events and videos at any time. It also gives their artists prominence and promotes the tours via maps and schedules.

The website is fully responsive, giving a great experience across all devices and browsers.

For this website I utilised Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) in order to make the site completely manageable by the client with just a few clicks.

Askonas Holt have events and orchestras all over the world so the website needed a way for them to promote all of their events and musicians. For this I built interactive maps which show various tour dates across the globe.

Working closely with the web designer, I built the website from scratch to ensure a good, clean codebase. This allowed me to have complete control of the initial web development and future updates.

The design is clean but still gets across plenty of information about their artists, tours and news.

askonas wordpress web development
askonas wordpress web development screenshot