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Climate Change News

Climate Change News is a website that brings together the latest facts and articles on the single biggest issue facing humanity, climate change.

Their articles include news, analysis, commentary, video and podcasts focused on developments in global climate politics.

Their team approached me to produce a specific piece of web development for their site which would provide a new template for long-form news articles.

The initial article investigated Bangladesh and the effect of climate change on their people and the inevitable climate refugees.

The Build

The build consisted of creating a new WordPress page template for the client to utilise when writing a long-form articles, similar to The Guardian’s ‘The Long Read‘ articles.

I built a range of different features which the client could then choose from when building their article. I used ACF Flexible Content which allows the user to create the article and drag and drop elements on the page with ease. This template can also now be used for future articles on a whole range of topics, which creates a cost-effective solution for the future.

Some of the elements ranged from videos, text areas, images and image carousels. This flexibility allowed each article to be unique and engaging and also present the relevant information in a visually pleasing manner.



Undertook some of the web design elements for this project which gave me some creative control over how the page ended up being presented.

The use of video in this website also increases engagement and gives the user some interest when initially loading the page. The video is an option for the hero at the top of the site and can be swapped out for an image if required.

The site was very well received and achieved exactly what was required in order to present the relevant news articles to their readership.

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