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George Harrison

This web development project involved building the official website for the legendary George Harrison.

It was a pleasure to work on this site and it turned out to be a really fun project. I felt as though I learned a lot more about George Harrison’s life and music, mainly by streaming his music throughout most of the build (All Things Must Pass being my personal favourite).

The Build

This is a bespoke, custom-built WordPress site using custom fonts, showcasing all of Harrison’s music throughout his long career including albums, videos, photo galleries, store and links to his charities.

Each release has its own dedicated page where the user can determine exactly what content is displayed. This gives complete control and the ability to expand the website over time. Some of these options involve adding track listings, store links, videos, features and quotes.

The user is also able to amend the colours of the site from within the CMS. Overlays on images and also the backgrounds on the album pages are full customisable in order to fit in with the album artwork.


There is also a small amount of animation on the site in order to bring some of the elements to life. Some of these items are set to fade in and there is also an animated SVG on some of the image and video rollovers.

Again, these are subtle in order to give the page some movement, without distracting from the site content.

As usual, the site works well across all browsers and devices in order to be fully responsive to all users.

George Harrison image one - Jay Burt Web Development, Bristol
George Harrison image two - Jay Burt Web Development, Bristol

The site was well received and gives fans a great online resource with which to explore all of the content in one coherent, well displayed format.

This site was built whilst working as a WordPress web developer for The Creative Corporation.