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Mark Dawson

This website was for best-selling author Mark Dawson, author of the John Milton series.

The site is built using a customised WordPress installation that allows the user to promote their new book releases, box sets and give readers more insight into the books.

Interestingly, there are also Spotify playlists which are intended to be listened to whilst reading the books. These almost serve as a soundtrack to each book in order to increase the reader’s experience.

The website is fully responsive, giving a great experience across mobile, tablet and desktop and works well on all modern browsers.

I made this website whilst working as a freelance WordPress web developer for The Creative Corporation. I built a custom WordPress theme in order to best fit the flexible nature of this website.

The website uses Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to enable the user to update all the images and copy with ease.

Mark’s books are the main focus of the website, giving an introduction to each book and linking out to the various platforms to buy, stream and download his work.

Mark is also a keen blogger and connects to his readers via the blog page on the site.