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Mark Lynas

Mark Lynas is a journalist and author of numerous books on the environment. His latest book is Our Final Warning: Six Degrees of Climate Emergency. He also advises former Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed on climate, and works with the 48-member Climate Vulnerable Forum.

Web Design

Mark wanted me to design a website that showcased his books and blog posts without being too cluttered.

I also used very little imagery as this would require constant sourcing of high-resolution images, which Mark didn’t want to have to do for future blog posts.

With this in mind, I opted for a clean design with just one accent colour throughout, but which gives room for Mark’s content and promotes his work.

The Build

My main web development task when building this site was to make the most energy-efficient website I had ever made.

Using all the sustainable web design techniques I could, I built a WordPress website that is cleaner than 70% of other sites (according to the Website Carbon calculator). The site also runs on 100% green energy.

I didn’t use many images but when I did I made sure they were the right size and properly compressed. They are also lazy-loaded to keep the site loading quickly.

I used ACF so that the site is very easy to manage and update the content. This reduces the workload and cost of future updates so that Mark can easily manage the site if required.

The Result

Working with mark was a simple and seamless process and he is extremely pleased with the site.

Additionally, in keeping with my continued commitment to the environment, I planted a tree in my grove with Trees for Life at the end of the project. This supports a great project which is rewilding the Scottish Highlands.

For any web design or WordPress web development queries, please get in touch.