The Great Bustard Group

The Great Bustard Group (GBG), based in the United Kingdom, is a pioneering charity dedicated to the conservation and protection of one of the world’s most magnificent and critically endangered bird species, the Great Bustard (Otis tarda).

With a mission deeply rooted in the preservation of biodiversity and the restoration of this iconic bird’s population, The Great Bustard Group has become a beacon of hope for both conservationists and wildlife enthusiasts alike. Through research, habitat restoration, and passionate advocacy, this group is committed to ensuring the survival and thriving of the Great Bustard in the UK’s and further afield.

A Digital Transformation

The existing website of The Great Bustard Group had served its purpose over many years, but the time had come for a new design and branding.

User-Centric Design

One of the key objectives of the project was to create a website that catered to the needs of a diverse audience, from conservationists and researchers to birdwatchers and the general public. A user-centric design approach was adopted, with a focus on intuitive navigation, visually appealing layouts, and easy access to vital information about the Great Bustard and the group’s conservation efforts. There also was an option to view live webcams on Salisbury Plain.

Showcasing Conservation Work

Central to the website’s redesign was the desire to showcase the extraordinary conservation work undertaken by The Great Bustard Group. The new website features dedicated sections highlighting the group’s projects, habitat restoration efforts, and success stories in conservation. Engaging multimedia content, including captivating images and videos, brings these efforts to life, allowing visitors to witness the beauty of the Great Bustard and the dedication of the group’s volunteers.

A Hub for Knowledge

As a hub for knowledge and information, the website provides a wealth of resources for researchers and bird enthusiasts alike. Detailed species profiles, reports, and educational materials offer valuable insights into the world of the Great Bustard and its habitat.

Looking Ahead

The rebuilding of The Great Bustard Group’s WordPress website represents not only a digital transformation but also a commitment to the conservation of this magnificent bird species, which was once extinct in the UK. As the website continues to evolve and grow, it serves as a resource the group and its mission to protect the Great Bustard for generations to come.

The site was well received and showcases the group to all stakeholders.

I hope to get out and volunteer for the group in the near future or, at the very least, go and see the birds myself.