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The Kills

I have been a fan of The Kills for many years, and seen them live countless times, so it was amazing to build their official videos website.

They needed a microsite to host a collection of their videos from over the years so that they could all slot together in a logical order.

Each collection of videos is organised into a playlist based on a theme – a particular album, live shows, interviews etc.

The Build

Building the site involved utilising the YouTube API in order to pull in videos and playlists.

There was also a level of skinning the site in order to allow users to navigate through all the playlists and also skip through the videos. This uses the results from the YouTube API queries and orders them into carousels and thumbnails which can be intuitively navigated.

In terms of backend web development, I built a custom WordPress theme in order for the website to be fully customisable. So if new playlists and videos needed to be added in the future, it very easy to do by the end user. We also used some custom imagery of the band the give each playlist its own thumbnail across mobile and desktop.

The site also directs fans to The Kills’ main website, newsletter sign up and all their various social media channels.

The Result

The website was very well received and has been viewed many times by fans of The Kills from all over the world.

The band also used the site as part of their 10-year anniversary of the 2011 album Blood Pressures. The website was promoted as part of the celebration of the album across social media for fans to go back and view all the videos from the album.

More of my web development work can be viewed on my projects page.

the kills web development screenshot 1
the kills web development screenshot 1