The Lemonade Press - Jay Burt Web Development, Bristol

The Lemonade Press

The Lemonade Press is an art studio in Bristol run by Catherine Ade. The studio offers lithographic printing, printmaking courses and a whole host of services to artists making fine art prints.

The studio is the newest print studios in Bristol and is one of only a few in the country to offer the services which they provide. For this reason it was important that they had a website that was informative, engaging and high quality.

The Build

I built this site using my standard use of WordPress as the CMS, along with a custom, bespoke theme which was built from scratch. I also used Advanced Custom Fields in order to make the site customisable by the user. The site is easily updatable by the client and if always changing as the studio grows.

SEO was also an important aspect of this web development project. In a market where larger art institutions are already established it was crucial to ensure that the site was able to be found on Google and other search engines. Using Yoast and many other SEO practices I managed to build a site that appears as the first item in Google for a number of key search terms, which has lead to a steady amount of traffic to the site and many inquiries.

The next phase of the site is to add a blog and a members area which will be coming soon. This will enable the studio to continually grow and to serve its members and the wider community in the years ahead.

One other beneficial aspect of this project was to be undertaking a web development project for an independent business in Bristol. It was good to see the business start up and grow and will be interesting to watch the growth of it, and therefore the website, in the future.