wiltshire chalk partnership

Wiltshire Chalk Partnership

Wiltshire Chalk Partnership (WCP) is a group of organisations and landholders including Natural England, the RSPB and the National Trust. The Partnership have come together to help protect and enhance the unique chalk grassland habitats found in the county of Wiltshire, near Bristol.

The Partnership aims to create an additional 2,000 hectares of semi-natural grassland across Wiltshire, near Bristol, and to connect and restore important existing habitats.

The Project

The partnership aims to raise awareness, educate the public and landholders, and facilitate collaborative efforts among stakeholders to protect and restore these ecologically important areas. This project involved the development of a WordPress website for the Wiltshire Chalk Partnership to enhance their online presence, provide information to the public, and support their conservation initiatives.

Goals and Objectives

The primary goals and objectives of the Wiltshire Chalk Partnership website project were as follows:

a) Information Dissemination: Develop a user-friendly WordPress website that provides comprehensive information about the organisation, its mission, objectives, projects, and ongoing conservation efforts.

b) Awareness and Education: Create a platform to raise awareness about the importance of chalk grasslands, their ecological significance, and the threats they face. Provide educational resources, articles, and features to engage and inform visitors.

c) Collaboration and Engagement: Facilitate collaboration among stakeholders, including landowners, volunteers, researchers, and other interested individuals or organisations. Develop interactive tools and features to encourage engagement and participation in conservation initiatives.

d) News and Events: Establish a platform to publish news updates, upcoming events, workshops, and volunteer opportunities related to the Wiltshire Chalk Partnership’s activities.

Scope of Work

The scope of work for the Wiltshire Chalk Partnership website project includes the following components:

a) Website Design: Create an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly website design that aligns with the organisation’s branding and conveys its mission effectively. Ensure the website is responsive and compatible with different devices and screen sizes.

b) Content Management System (CMS): Implement a robust CMS that allows authorised personnel to manage and update website content easily. Provide training and documentation to ensure smooth administration and content editing processes.

c) Information Architecture: Develop a clear and intuitive navigation structure to help visitors find information quickly and easily. Categorise content logically and create a search functionality for enhanced usability.

d) Interactive Features: Incorporate interactive features such as image galleries, videos, maps, and infographics to engage visitors and enhance their understanding of chalk grasslands and related conservation efforts.

e) News and Events Management: Develop a news and events section that allows the organisation to publish updates, announcements, and upcoming events. Include features for visitors to subscribe to newsletters and receive regular updates.

f) Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Optimise the website’s content, meta tags, and structure for improved search engine visibility. Ensure proper indexing by major search engines to enhance organic discoverability.


The development of the Wiltshire Chalk Partnership website provides a valuable online platform for the organisation to reach a wider audience, raise awareness, and facilitate collaboration in their conservation efforts.

By incorporating interactive features, engaging content, and intuitive functionality, the website will serve as a powerful tool to promote the conservation and preservation of chalk grasslands in Wiltshire.

I am really please with the result and how the website performs against a range of metrics, including Google Lighthouse.

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