Website Optimisation in Bristol

Websites need to look good but they also need to perform well.

Working with Google Lighthouse, Google Page Speed Insights and a range of other tools, my website optimisation services can improve your website’s performance. I can improve key metrics such as speed, accessibility, SEO and user-experience for WordPress websites in Bristol and beyond.

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Website Optimisation

My Bristol-based website optimisation services are designed to enhance your WordPress website’s performance. I employ multiple strategies and industry-best practices to optimise your website so it performs at its best.

Performance Optimisation for WordPress Websites

Visitors form an impression of your company in seconds, so good performance is critical. My optimisation services are for those clients who want to run a WordPress website that performs at its best.

Loading Speed

WordPress websites need to load quickly. Research shows that milliseconds matter when it comes to how quickly your website loads for end users.


Your site must perform and display well for everyone, regardless of their accessibility requirements, be they audio or visual impairments, or any kind of disability. Good accessibility also affects your SEO ranking.

Google PageSpeed Insights

The Gold Standard when it comes to essential metrics for your website. I ensure your website performs well against all the criteria, driving engagement, conversions and your search engines ranking.

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