My website is rated ‘A’ on the Website Carbon Rating System

I have been testing the new Website Carbon Rating System, which tests websites against a number of sustainability measures, and I am pleased to announce that my website has achieved a rating of A.

This is very pleasing and is the result of a number of sustainable web development and web design principles, and a lot of hard work. I detailed these methods in a previous article, but there are a number of factors at play, including:

  • Green Hosting
  • Server caching
  • Optimised Images

This all results in a website that runs purely on green energy, with a hosting company that has an environmental standpoint, a site that loads quickly and runs efficiently.

The results

After many years of implementing sustainable we development principles, I tested my site. The result is that my website is cleaner than 86% of all web pages globally, so is way cleaner than average, emitting a theoretical 0.15g of CO2 per page load (if it didn’t run on clean energy, which it does).

My website carbon rating of A
Next Steps

The good thing is that it also gives me room for improvement. My next goal is to get the site into the 90% bracket and to achieve an A+ which I have set as a target for 2024. I have a number of potential improvements from better cacheing and reducing the number of images on my site, which should help to push it towards an A+ rating.

I use WordPress for my website and I find it offers so many good options in terms of reducing the server load and crucially, reducing a website’s environmental impact.

Volunteering, Donations and offsets

In addition to this I also undertake volunteering, donations and offsets in order to further reduce my company’s impact and actually have a positive impact through my work.

So, here’s looking forward to getting that A+.